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If I have to pay child support in Texas, how much will it be?

How is Child Support Calculated in Texas? Our job as family law attorneys here at the Nickols & White, PLLC, is to make sure that our clients know what to expect in a child custody case. Although not lost, the “traditional” family structure of one mom and one dad raising their […]

Can I terminate ther rights of my child’s other parent in Texas?

At Nickols & White, PLLC, we understand that children are priority #1 for any parent. Our family law attorneys often receive questions about how termination of parental rights can be achieved. Termination can be tricky, and we want our potential clients to know beforehand the complexities of a suit for […]

What is the Standard Summer Child Visitation in Texas?

What Is The Standard Summer Visitation In Texas? A Standard Possession Order in Texas provides visitation to both custodial and non-custodial parents for the summer months, which begin the day after the child(ren)’s school releases for summer break and ends seven days prior to the day school resumes. Order language […]