What are Gambling laws in Texas?

Some gambling is legal in Texas.  Some is not.  Sometimes there are defenses.  What is legal is not always clear.  Who best to represent you, but an attorney who has worked with Texas gambling laws since 2000? The State can prosecute card games, 8-liners, and even internet sweepstakes as illegal gambling.  Some sweepstakes may appear to be illegal at first but are in fact legal.

Police will investigate businesses that they consider to be gambling using undercover identities.  They will go into businesses in an attempt to gamble.  They will make efforts to find assets of the business to seize and forfeit.  They will try to “flip” employees to turn on their employers.  All of these tactics can be destructive to the owner and the business, too.

Offenses the State uses include Gambling Promotion, Possession of a Gambling Device, Keeping a Gambling Place, Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity and even Money Laundering.  The State can seek to imprison or jail a person charged with these crimes. An attorney experienced in how the State operates and the intricacies of gambling law, can help protect you and your business from all these dangers, whether you are setting it up, or are being investigated or are charged.

If you or your business are being investigated, have been arrested or are charged for a gambling offense,  or if you just want to know if you are doing things right call the attorneys at Nickols & White, PLLC at (817) 617-7500 for a free, private case evaluation.